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Zero Air Loss Auto Drain 

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 Condensate removal with ZERO air loss! Compressed Air is costly to produce – save the electricity bill and be environmental friendly!

NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED Norgren has launched a new automatic drain valve, an innovative product which delivers engineering advantage by removing condensate from a compressed air system without the need for a power supply.

 NO WASTE DRAINS. This is a big category. A no-waste drain is one which will eject the collected condensate without also blowing compressed air!

Based on a newly developed 2/2 way level controlled valve principle, the automatic drain valve discharges quickly and effectively, using a direct acting ballcock system (magnetic float) to sense when the condensate reservoir has reached the required level.

 Suitable for use with compressed air systems operating at up to a maximum of 100m³ per minute and works with system pressures of 3bar to 16bar.

 Easy to install and service, the compactly designed drain valve has top and side inlets for maximum flexibility when siting the product. Manufactured with a robustaluminium housing, the automatic drain valve has demonstrated reliability in lengthy field trials and is proven to extend the life cycle of a compressed air system.