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Boiler System

We at Kinetic have been serving the Boiler Industry with high value-added engineering solutions for the past decade. We provide complete range of process control products which include the below mentioned applications:

  • Blowdown valves from food industry’s boiler system, and angle seat valves
  • Pneumatically actuated pressure reducing valves
  • Feedwater systems condensate pumps
  • Steam laundry applications, ball valves, gate valves
  • Component applications for autoclaves, pneumatically and manually actuated ball and gate valves

Featured Products

Tecval Blow Dwon Valve
26 SF Control Valve
27 SF Condensate Pump
Blow Down Valve


Control Valve


     Condensate Pump



   7 Buschjost Diaphragm
8 Buschjost Angle Seat

9 Buschjost Piston

Diaphragm Valve
Angle Seat Valve
 Piston Valve


2 Norgren Valve
3 Norgren FRL
1 Norgren Actuator

Solenoid Valve

Air Service Unit 


4 Norgren fittings
Norgren SS FRL
Fittings Stainless Steel FRL