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Oil, Gas & Chemical

We at Kinetic have been serving the Oil & Gas and Petro-chemical Industry with high value-added engineering solutions for the past decade. We provide complete range of process control products which include the below mentioned applications:

  • Emergency Shut Down System - Redundant Valves 1oo2, 2oo2, 2oo3 "Safety & Availability" design
  • Condensate removal system for compressed Air Line in On shore or Off shore Oil & Gas plateform.
  • Gas pants, heavy oil, refining and chemical manufacturing facilities waste water processing systems, ball valves, gate valves, manually or pneumatically actuated.
  • High temperature bolwdown valves

Featured Products

5 Herion Valve
11 Maxseal valve
x-proof Valve


Stainless Steel Valve


 Stainless Steel QEV



Norgren SS FRL
ESD Valve


Stainless Steel FRL
 High Integrity ESD Valve


2 Norgren Valve
3 Norgren FRL
1 Norgren Actuator

Solenoid Valve

Air Service Unit 


4 Norgren fittings
Norgren SS FRL
Fittings Stainless Steel FRL