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Pressure Multiplier

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An automatic device for compress air to give an outlet pressure that is double the inlet pressure.
Used to locally intensify the input pressure at points of use.


Note: They are not suitable as a replacement for compressors, as wear on seals and drive
pistons increases significantly during continuous operation without breaks.


How does it work?

Stage 1:Piston A hit 3/2 plunger and switch 5/2 Valve

Stage 2:P1 air enter Booster (A) and Drive (B) chamber

Stage 3:Exhaust Air in D (A) chamber leave

Stage 4: Pressure from Booster (A) and Drive (B) are applied to the piston A and B

Stage 5: As the piston travel, air in Booster (B) is pushed to outlet

Stage 6: The cycle alternate when the piston B hit the 3/2 valve 


  • The pressure booster starts automatically when the supply pressure is applied and the desired output pressure has not yet been reached.
  • When the set output pressure is reached, the pressure booster switches to energy-saving mode but restarts automatically if the pressure drops during system operation.
  • Fitted with check valve that maintains the outlet pressure when the supply of compressed air is switched off.
  • Can be mounted on any position
  • Advisable to install tank after booster to prevent fluctuating outlet pressure.
  • It is recommended to connection of a 3/2-way on-off valve on the output pressure side of the pressure booster for safe venting of the residual pressure when it is not in used.
  • Energy saving – reduce system pressure by installing pressure booster for specific application.


 Pressure Multiplier Brochure